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VRC470 - Weather Compensating Controller


The Vaillant VRC470 Controller is a programmable weather - compensating controller which works with our complete range of Vaillant boilers using the eBUS language so it allows the boiler to fully modulate. It is programmable so it has a full set of holiday, away and flexible timing modes.  Please check the frequently answered questions below for any help you may need. You can also click here to visit the appliance homepage.  




What kind of Appliance is it?

This appliance is a weather compensating programmable room thermostat so it is supplied with an outdoor sensor which monitors the outdoor temperature. The thermostat can be mounted on the boiler fascia or the wall.

When was the controller manufactured?

This is a current controller, it was first manufactured in 2016 and is still in production.

Which Vaillant boiler is it compatible with?

It is compatible with all our current range of Vaillant boilers. Click here to see our current range of boilers.

Can it fully modulate the boiler?

Yes. This controller uses our eBUS communication channel so it can fully modulate our boilers. This means the boiler is always working to its peak efficiency.

Where can I find documentation?

Please check our documentation section below where you get the user and installation manuals.


Available Literature

Installation Manual User Manual

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