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ECOmax 600 E/1E Series



The Vaillant ECOmax 800 series (1/1E) boilers are high efficiency combination boilers that are no longer in production. Please check the frequently answered questions below for any help you may need. You can also click here to visit the appliance homepage.  




What kind of appliance is it?

This appliance is a Combination boiler (combi). This means it heats water when you draw a tap. It doesn't need a water storage tank or a cylinder because the boiler's connected directly to the water mains, heating water as its needed.

When was the boiler manufactured?

This boiler was first manufactured from 1999 to 2001 and this particular model is no longer being produced.

Is there a clock or roomstat available?

A broad range of Vaillant thermostats and clocks are available. You can find technical help on these by typing in your model into the question bar above or by browsing through our homepage here.

What is the recommended water pressure?

Your boiler should be pressurised to between 1 to 1.5 bar.

How do I top up the water pressure?

You can find help in topping up your pressure by typing in your boiler model and "low pressure" into the question bar above as well as clicking here. You can also find more information by checking the user manual as well as checking our Youtube Channel.

How do I adjust the Warmstart settings?

This appliance does not come with the warmstart facility turned on by default. To turn it on press the warmstart button. The green light should illuminate. To turn the warm start facility off, press the button again. The red light should now illuminate. For more information please refer to the User Guide.

How do I adjust the Central Heating temperature.

The central heating temperature can be adjusted by pressing the central heating temperature button. The status display will now show a flashing figure ‘2’ and the current central heating temperature setting will be shown by the temperature display. For more information please check the User manual.

My boiler has a fault and I need some help?

Your boiler should work reliably for a number of years if it is serviced annually, however occasionally faults can occur. In a lot of cases faults can be temporary and if the boiler is reset it will start working again. You can find out how to do this by selecting the user manual below (under available literature). We have created a special troubleshooting guide which you can access by clicking here which may help you resolve the issue. If you continue to experience problems please click here for contact information.

I am an Engineer. I would like technical information. Where can I get it from?

If you are a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered Engineer you can access our comprehensive technical help section by clicking here.


Available Literature


Combi Installation & Servicing Manual User Manual

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