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Water pressure


How do I top up water pressure?

Combi and system boilers and your heating system work under pressure. If the pressure drops below a certain level the boiler will not fire (start).

Combi and system boilers need a minimum pressure within the system to work. Leaks in the system will cause your boiler to lose pressure. Leaks can be very small and you may not be able to see them. It is easy to solve this loss in pressure by topping up your system - your installer will be able to do this quickly. However, it is essential they also find and fix the leak.

It is a good idea to regularly check the pressure gauge to make sure there are no tiny leaks within your system - ask your installer to show you how if you’re not sure. You can find the correct pressure levels for your boiler and instructions for repressurising the system in the user instructions. If you are in any doubt, we recommend you ask a competent person, such as an installer to repressurise your system for you.

Please search for your boiler model in the questions bar above and click "ask" to find out more specific information about your appliance water pressure settings.

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