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The CXI is a "A" Rated High efficiency boiler that is not currently in production. Please check the frequently answered questions below for any help you may need. You can also click here to visit the appliance homepage.  




What kind of Appliance is it?

This appliance is a A rated high efficiency condensing combi boiler. This means it heats water when you draw a tap. It doesn't need a water storage tank or a cylinder because the boiler is connected directly to the water mains, heating water as its needed.

When was the boiler manufactured?

This boiler was first manufactured in 2002 and is not currently in production. It is a Natural Gas, LPG, Condensing and wall mounted boiler.

Is there a clock or roomstat available?

The CXI is compatible with a broad range of third-party roomstats and clocks. It is NOT compatible with our advanced eBUS connected controls such as the MiGo. For more information on roomstats you can contact an approved installer by clicking here

How do I use the controls?

No Pre-Heat, cxi

If the thermostat is positioned lower than 40 degrees C i.e. lower than the ten o clock position then the Pre-Heat is switched off.


Eco Position, cxi

This is an anti-scale function and will only work when the domestic hot water thermostat is turned to the eco position, this limits the water temperature entering the plate to plate to 55 degrees C in order to help prevent scale formation.


Holiday Function cxi

The holiday function can be selected by turning both the hot water and heating control knobs down to minimum, in this position both the pump exercise and frost protection are still functional, retuning the controls to the normal position will turn the holiday function off.

How do I increase the water pressure?

My boiler has a fault and I need some help?

Your boiler should work reliably for a number of years if it is serviced annually, however occasionally  faults can occur. In a lot of cases faults can be temporary and if the boiler is reset it will start working again. We have created a special troubleshooting guide which you can access by clicking here which may help you resolve the issue. If you continue to experience problems please click here for contact information.

I am an Engineer. I would like technical information. Where can I get it from?

If you are a suitably qualified Gas Safe registered Engineer you can access our comprehensive technical help section by clicking here.


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